Home is Where the Heart Is

...and my heart is in my chest so I suppose everywhere I go truly does feel like home to me. I've only been gone from Nashville for two weeks and while I miss the good people and good dancing and my wonderful life there, I'm really enjoying my little journey.

The Market in Nolita went well, disregarding the awful timing of a nor-easter snow storm. My car got stuck twice, and it took a little over an hour to drive about 2.5 miles over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was absolutely freezing, I was tired and hungry, and not many people showed due to weather, but it was worth it. I hope to return in the spring! Aside from that, my trip was very inspiring and I caught up on some well-needed sleep (due to some rigorous Bikram in Union Square). Also, I ate a lot of yummy vegan food.

My time in Buffalo has been full of movies, hot drinks, sewing, cuddling, puppy bites, mom-time, Best Fitness, friendly snow, and some of the following:

I will have lots of new work to share with y'all soon! $280 and 4 weeks from now I should have my old Nikon back... sob sob.


Ode to Betsey

I've been in NYC. Walking lots, seeing friends, getting kicked in the butt by bikram yoga on a daily basis, finding inspiration in big and small places, handstitching lace in places like the Roebling Tea Room (amazing), and umm, of course. Shopping. Fortunately I have Christmas as an excuse, so I can just buy for other people. Today tho, I did buy for myself at the Betsey Johnson sample sale in Times Sq. When the girl who rang me out realised it was to be my FIRST Betsey dress (or 3), she almost had a heartattack and we bonded for about 10 minutes, and she told everyone in the room how exciting it was that it was my first. And that she was honoured to ring me out. And then everyone told the tales of their first Betsey dresses. It was kindof magical.

I mean, sigh... I would get married in something like this. (Not the ones I bought)

Speaking of... why is Betsey Johnson not designing WEDDING CAKES?! Or at least cupcakes. Her cupcakes would probably be the prettiest ones in the world. (PS Google image search "gourmet cupcakes" and find the picture of Tori Spelling... hehe)



I am so blessed to have such a network of creative friends in Nashville. One of my favourite musicians, Timbre Cierpke plays the harp and sings like a siren from The Odyssey. Every year, she plays a Christmas concert with her family. The first one I went to, I teared up. Not even kidding.

She is playing tonight with her family and a choir. A ridiculously low $5 at the door, The Anchor, 7:30pm. This year, local vendors will set up for a holiday market. I'll be there with Say Ooh all night. It will be a great chance to do some holiday shopping and support local crafters/ artists/ bakers/ what have you.. but the most exciting part will be the music.


Rainy day at Local Honey

Here and there I work at Local Honey, a great vintage shop where I sell some of my creations. I tend to only work on really rainy days, which was fine today as I had gossip girl, my glue gun, and lots of velvet & lace. Along with a few visitors.

Here is Jordan. She said she feels like a J Crew model today, in her $5 estate sale boots, leggings, (my) white ruffled dress, and cozy flannel. You still have an hour to visit and buy that darling luggage as pictured.

Also, new lace pendants on sale here & special order via online. I just finished a new set of lovely gold... all shapes and sizes!



vs. fashionably clothed. Naked Without Us is our local fashion networking that hosts runway and trunk shows. I've written about previous events. A couple weeks ago, NWU had a 2 day market chock-fulla designers at Mai, complete with afterparties with lights and dancing. I was nestled between friends Shea Steele and Carmen Jaudon. That same weekend, I did a photoshoot with my lovely and talented friends, the Jensen twins. We had much fun! Below are just a couple shots from the market, and LG pictures of things I had at the market. Golden bows adorning sweet, silky, lacey playfulware seems to be my favourite right now.

My goals for the month:
blog more
sewsewsew (already accomplishing that one)
market in Nolita
get my nikon fixed