Quilling Fleurs

This ancient art was first introduced to me at about age 8, by my mother. She would curl long, skinny strips of coloured paper into beautiful works of art. I wonder if there are any left in our basement, they may have all been given as gifts. Anyhow, I had to try to make everything that she did, and so I was motivated into creating lots of little cards and the like. I'm not sure how many I actually finished, as it is quite the time consuming project.

I was reintroduce recently at work, where we had to make little designs to be used as art for teacher products. I immediately became re-obsessed with this lost art, making mini scissors, globe, apple, numbers, and such. I aspire to the talents of Ms. Yulia. In the meantime, these pretty petals are the height of my labour.

Also, I'd like to sidenote that for years I have been making up my own phrases. They roll right off the tongue and make sense to me. and I'm tiring the deletion of literally hundreds of these sayings (from my blog, emails, censoring myself in conversation) simply because I may be called out or no one will know what I'm talking about. I'm comfortable settling into "strange old lady" lifestyle and speak. If you can't embrace it then follow another blog. JK don'tleaveme.

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