Spools of Lilac

Home sweet home... nesting is fun. I do wish that I could share more of my creations lately since I was on such a blogging kick, but I'm really enjoying my limited (eh hem, very very limited) access, (as in if I'm online for more than 3 minutes you'll see a post from me here). I'm enjoying summer, and I'm enjoying work. I'm also enjoying quality time with friends. And specifically, my darling friend Lori.

I could gush for hours about her, but I will basically let these photos of her home do the talking. She is so creative and good at spilling her vivid imagination onto everything she touches. I wish I could be more like that. Lori is an aspiring children's storybook writer, and you can see sparklings of that here! And OH MY GOSH. Look at the photos of her parents with deer?!

If Martha Stewart came out with a Barbie Doll, it would look like Lori, head to toe.

Today a wish sat next to me on the train ride home.
She didn't say much.
Just smiled.
Ever so sweetly.
Ever so simply.
I didn't need words.
I didn't need a touch.
I just needed to know she was close.
And within my reach... when I was ready.
(by Lori)

I have some great little updates on Say Ooh. Be on the lookout!


rebekka said...

Eeps! She's adorable! Tell her I want to illustrate one of her children's books!

How are you?

I feel like I must see you. And your new home, specifically. And while we're on that, you should see mine too.


Colleen said...

Ah yes, a must on both parts! Are you having another art show pre art crawl???

Kirsten said...

I want to live in that room, under the paper blooms! What an adorable girl. Perfect friend match for you, cutes. :)