Tellier Nights

Mainly, a few preferred photos from my shoot with Chels. These pieces are currently sprinkled about Mesh, Local Honey, and my etsy. Next goals are to stock up in my studio for an upcoming collaboration as well as the next runway show, and knock out some of these fun wedding projects I have going on for a few ravishing brides-to-be. Oh, please be on the lookout for more fun at LH.

Today I googled Conrad Roset. (again)
And tomorrow, I will be on the West Coast.



Custom projects: love/hate relationship, certainly thankful for them. A little bit of cash, and always a learning experience. My friend Brian asked me to sew a onesie for his daughter out of his fiance's favourite VS pajamas. Initially we wanted to just use the top as fabric so they could have a lil matching set, but that pattern demanded every inch of fabric. I found a vintage Simplicity onesie pattern on etsy. In my past experience (we're talking high school here, looong time ago), Simplicity patterns are quite... simple. As in, 1hr or less and no questions asked. Not the case. This one was a nightmare, to be honest. BUT! If I wanted to make another, I could certainly do it in less time. The directions were not very clear, I ran out of fabric, and I had a problem with fray. Nonetheless, I finished it in two days. Approximately 5 or 6 hours, start to finish, including pattern confusion and fabric cutting/ planning. I'm the girl who won't look at directions, I just want to figure it out myself. 90% of the time I revert to directions because I've really screwed up and possibly broken a brand new product (building something out of wood, coffee pot assembly, automobile problems, anything requiring directions really). That said, I detest and almost never use sewing patterns.

Enough rambling.

Also, I have a fun, new game. With every post, I will share something I googled that day. I'm not quite sure what my life would be without googling. I can imagine life without internet. I cannot imagine life without google search. This is definitely a window into my soul. So please never make fun of what I google. (okay, fine, just do it in good nature). Today I googled "tangled bobbin 1/4" elastic fix". (sidenote, if google doesn't help, call your mother) Whew. That was just to ease in. After learning what to do for that, I googled "olsen twin boyfriends".

Don't ask. Never ask.


Furry Vintage Friends

I claim no rights or talents to being a photographer in any manner, as the extent of my experience is film photog in highschool and 2 semesters in college (in conjunction with easy-to-learn Italian cds). But I do enjoy the physical act of composing and snapping easy shots. And it's always convenient to shoot your own work.

I'm really excited about the mini shoot today over breakfast at a friends. I took a quick 5 minutes to edit one photo and share with you! More to come...



I'm beginning to realise that January 1st is a pointless date. I tend to place too much emphasis on it, and "fresh starts". I'm often tempted to write about my personal life here, but thank goodness I don't. A lot of you read this and then randomly tell me months later, when I'm surprised. Which isn't to say I won't share with you, but words are always better in person, and much is better left unsaid anyhow. All to say, 2009 was, as a whole, the most difficult year of my life. Which started 2010 off to be possibly the best, and most hopeful year. For a couple days. It's been a difficult two weeks, and I'm struggling to fight feelings of hopelessness. Sound depressing? Sorry.

That was just an introduction to my NEW resolution! To find, create, contribute to, and appreciate as much beauty as I can get my hands and eyes on. Truly. Typically this is a staple of my life, but I'm going to place even more emphasis on it.
This video is what inspired me. I relate to it on a lot of levels. Erika Janunger is pretty incredible.

Here are a few newer pieces I shot, as modeled by my friend Alanna. If you snoop her tumblr a bit, you'll catch a couple shots she took of me. & my home! We had a little playdate with her camera, but my d70 is back from Dr. Wolf; I am oh-so-excited! (Lingerie photoshoot tmrw.)


Beauty Sleep vs. Workaholic

I'm in Nashville for a while now. So I might as well get comfortable. Which, in winter, usually means snuggling in my four poster white bed, space heater on low, and some type of french film or my lala (ehhem, email me for an invite to connect) on the speakers. All the while working on something crafty, obviously. I admit tho, it's difficult to successfully sew via machine from under the covers. And Mom... you're probably reading this. My cross stitches are getting vulgar. I'm sorry. It's supposed to be funny, tongue in cheek, they're not hanging around my house I'm just selling them. I promise!

When I was in Buffalo, I restocked a shop where I sell, Urban. If you live there, you've probably been. I was addicted during my high school snowboarding phase, and they still carry great brands like FCUK, David Bitton, Penguin, etc. If you're bored with your hair, don't get a cut or dyejob, just go there and buy some Say Ooh accessories. I've gotten back in the game of updating my online shop too, so please check it out! If you're local I won't charge you shipping, and I'll probably give you a cupcake or apple or something too. In typical fashion.

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with deer. If you didn't, then we've never met and you've certainly never seen my bedroom. I've been looking for the perfect golden deer ring for awhile, but everything is $500 or really ugly. I finally found THE ring during my setup at The Market last month, right smack next to my table. His jewelry is fashionable, unisex, and absolutely gorgeous. Pleeeease, I beg you, do yourself a favour and checkout Digby And Iona. You will certainly have an urge to impulse buy at least 50% of the pictured product. Your credit card may hate you for it, but definitely worth it.

Ugh, deer, okay, bringing me back. I was going thru old files and found some art I had made three years ago, when I was concentrating more on curating as well as getting my own work into shows. Here's some old textile work I did. Stitching and screenprinting backed on a wooden frame. I think these were abt 4ft wide. Just for old times sake...

I've been frequenting my favourite Nashville spot, Patterson House, a little too much. I used to just go for special occasions, birthdays, celebrations. In the tiny handful of days I've been back in Nashy, I have found myself there "when I have a good day", or "when I need to help a bad day", um that covers it. Good day, bad day. It's probably the winter blues. But it somehow seems justifiable to my dreary bank account if I eat cottage cheese for dinner and follow it up with a yummy Juliet & Romeo.

Anyhow, it's much too late, and certainly impossible for me to get a proper amount of beauty rest necessary. Bon soir, mes amis.