Sometimes I like to take long, aimless walks in the sunshine (or midnight moonlight) and think about my secrets. Just pondering them over, smiling or tearing up or shivering with excitement about past and future secrets. Mysteries. Wonderment. Well, I have a pretty good secret project that I am working on right now with a dear friend. It will be revealed in weeks or months to come, promise! I PROMISE I WILL BLOG MORE!

Remember when I promised to take photos of my charming new place that I moved into last June? I know I shared a couple here and there, but not much. It's really much better in person, so feel free to invite yourself over for a meal. I am always cooking and making lovely drinks, and I do enjoy pleasant company. Anyhow, sweet Lauren came over recently to have a little shoot for her blog. Go have a looksee! I poached eggs in a homemade Italian tomato sauce with fresh basil, scooped up in multigrain toast. My new favourite brunch.
(photos by Lauren Winter)


Rebekka Seale said...

Oh Colleen, I can't wait to hear what this secret project is ;)


Milo Beloved said...

I love the blog-world.

Colleen said...

I love it too!