Spanish Rose

I have disappeared! Literally, I'd say. I've been inspired through the roof, with a mound full of half finished projects to show for it. Past that, I've kept busy with my day job, enjoying my favourite beginning-of-summer treats, like fireflies in pigeon forge, las paletas, rooftop swimming, whiskey gingers, and falling in love. With so much more fun to come!

That said, I am YET AGAIN behind on blogging. But I'd love to share a few cherished photos from my recent trip to Spain. I met up with my close friend Sloane. We traveled up the coast together, and let me tell you... it was FULL of adventure and inspiration.

Our beach in San Jose, viewed from our remote upwards hike.

Our beach in San Jose, where I journaled, wined, and soaked in too much sunshine!

A lovely vintage sewing machine, as kept by my friend Ines in Barcelona.

Churros y café con leche in Granada, how typical.

Sloane and I at the Picasso Gallery in Malaga.

Next up: finish projects, move apartments, keep enjoying summer, train for a duathlon, learn to make gazpacho.


Rebekka Seale said...

Oh, Colleen...the picture of you with the churros is absolutely STUNNING!

lladybird said...

you are beautiful & i miss you!! i can't wait to hear about your adventures in spain - the pictures are gorgeous and omg so jealous right now ♥

Colleen said...

Miss you both!