Fire Finch Art Show

The show at Fire Finch during art walk was a hit. So many friends, co-workers, and strangers meandered on by! I think it was the most loved by older men, who were so anxious to tell me about THEIR grandmother's doilies. I seem to meet quite a few gentlemen, especially my age, who know a surprising amount of sewing. Always a pleasure. Anyhow, the show was simple: myself, an old card table, a vintaged wooden ladder, and a box of wine. Pretty stress-free.
Most of these pieces will be reshown at the Porter Crossings artisan markets happening the second Saturday of each month in East Nashville. I would highly suggest checking out the space, then popping across the street to Family Wash for a pint and pie.
When I hit 10,000 views I am going to have a party. It's the little things, eh?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspiring... like the artist herself!

Rebekka Seale said...

I love your tights! And, just you of course.

kittenmasks said...

Whenever I see Little J in her current state, I want to pull her crazy long extensions out, douse her with makeup remover to get rid of that clown eye makeup, and put her in clothes that don't have bits missing or ripped. I don't know why Eric Beamon just let Taylor Momsen, the actress, ruin Little J like that. Doesn't he know he's crushing my Gossip Girl fantasy???