Growth: Dirt & Gold

One of the golden girls (old ladies in my building) left me a basil starter kit last week after reading a long, emotional letter I had written her about my romantic life. Ironically, my basil had JUST died, and she was going thru romantic troubles as well. God puts us in each others' lives at the right times.

I needed a day. A day of blue skies, warm weather, and a cool breeze. I took a 3 hour walk this morning, then came home to paint/ sew/ bake/ plant, and took a 2 hour jog. My hips want to know what the deal is, and my mind is promising to make sense of my scattered thoughts... someday.

I have a new secret weapon. I'm not going to tell you what it is, exactly. But I 'm working on a giveaway for Robyn's blog, and I stumbled upon it. I think it's dreamy, and I plan to master this one of a kind medium. My other friend Robyn, organizer and co-founder of Craftville, set up a pop-up shop at the new Porter Crossings Artisan Market. It's happening the second Saturday of each month thru 2001, showcases rooms full of local fashion, art, crafts, and vintage. They'll be teaching tutorials, have fun crafts for kids, and other surprises in store. Oh... plus food trucks! It's running until 9 tonight, in case you find yourself on the east side! Here's a snippet of some Say Ooh you will find there.

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