Out with the old...

in with the new old. I'm moving out of my lovely vintage apartment! And into the slightly larger apartment next door... in the same old house. Peggy Sue moved out and I painted the vacant yellow and vinyl wood paneled home Lamb and Ballet Slipper Pink.. again. When you find the right paint colours, you should really stick with them.

I spent all week piling my possessions into a large lump in the middle of my new living room, creating a mountain that severely challenges the gorgeous antique crystal cherub chandelier I found on a farm in Spring Hill (this only took multiple internet ads, scouring every vintage and antique shop in town, and praying that the flea market would come a week early.. it did not..). Things I am not looking forward to: organizing this mountain of essentials and subsidiaries.

Goodbye unusable fireplace.


Spanish Rose

I have disappeared! Literally, I'd say. I've been inspired through the roof, with a mound full of half finished projects to show for it. Past that, I've kept busy with my day job, enjoying my favourite beginning-of-summer treats, like fireflies in pigeon forge, las paletas, rooftop swimming, whiskey gingers, and falling in love. With so much more fun to come!

That said, I am YET AGAIN behind on blogging. But I'd love to share a few cherished photos from my recent trip to Spain. I met up with my close friend Sloane. We traveled up the coast together, and let me tell you... it was FULL of adventure and inspiration.

Our beach in San Jose, viewed from our remote upwards hike.

Our beach in San Jose, where I journaled, wined, and soaked in too much sunshine!

A lovely vintage sewing machine, as kept by my friend Ines in Barcelona.

Churros y café con leche in Granada, how typical.

Sloane and I at the Picasso Gallery in Malaga.

Next up: finish projects, move apartments, keep enjoying summer, train for a duathlon, learn to make gazpacho.