A couple weeks ago, I visited my sweet, 14 month old niece in Washington DC. I took my new Canon Rebel T3 and tried to capture her in all her crawling-glory! With her, I brought a simple little pig I made for her out of the softest pink baby fleece you ever did touch. It's just perfect for cuddling! My aspirations are to sew her a new farm animal for each visit I make to see her. In addition, of course, to dressing her up AS a cute, cuddly, somewhat ferocious animal.
I also knit my sister-in-law and niece matching turban bow bands! I think matching Mommy & daughter apparel is just precious. Though it's quickly turned to spring in Nashville, these are still available at Local Honey.
My boyfriend and I have been enjoying the process of creating food and drink in mason jars. We decided to pickle some pickles! They turned out quite yummy, and look lovely in my fridge. Find the recipe here! It's easy, I promise.

Isn't Evangelina just the cutest?!

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Kirsten said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how big she is! So happy the lion costume is getting more and more love. And oh, that piglet is ADORABLE. And homemade refrigerator pickles are absolutely the best!