Simple Things Turn Magical

I know Valentine's has come and gone, but I wanted to share what my beau and I made for each other. It is so wonderful dating someone who also loves creating, building, and using his imagination. We had picked out some vintaged maps at the Flea Market recently, and he used this old Buffalo map (my hometown) to create a handsome piece of art by designing and carving a lino-block stencil for it. I just adore it! If you want a custom stencil, he makes plenty. Feel free to comment and he'll get in touch with you. Here he is, putzing away on his design machine (laptop).
I painted our silhouettes in gouache, which you know I've been practicing with. I plan to do more silhouettes! Do you want one? I think they make such an elegant, personal gift.


Sherry said...

The vintage map idea is so sweet, I love it! What are the stamps made out of that your beau makes? The silouhettes, need one, yes. How do I go about getting one?

Colleen Wandel said...

Why thank you Sherry. I haven't put the silhouettes on sayooh.etsy.com yet because they will be custom. Please drop me an email at sayooh@gmail.com and we can set something up!

Kirsten said...

Ohhhh! Somehow I missed seeing this post! You two are too sweet and perfect for each other. :) Love the map, love love the silhouettes. Beautiful.