Our Spring Picnic

We've been having oh so much fun having seasonal picnics.. that we've decided we absolutely must do this each month as a group! Danny and I certainly love our picnics together, but it seems that there is an overabundance of laughter and delicious food when we are coupled with dear friends.
This time, Rebekka packed up spiced salamis, artisan bread, two plates of figs, cheese, pickled goodness, and artichokes. Not only that, but she made us heavenly St. Germain cocktails and a magical strawberry soup with a special kick. You can find the recipe on her blog. The wind whipped around us at Shelby Park, but our conversation (and a little Four Roses!) kept us warm and spirited. An afternoon we did not want to ever end.

Also, you can now find these cute mason jars in my etsy shop, then have your own picnic with friends!