Paper Accordians

It's been awhile, crocodile! I take the blame. I'm pretty sure that last year I used the excuse, being happy and full of life and falling in love. So, this time I will use the excuse, continuing to fall in love with the same man, being happy and full of life and roadtrips! We have been visiting family lately and just enjoying beautiful summer sunshine. A little while ago, I had an art opening at The Building in East Nashville. Vinea provided some delectable wines, and a delightful time was had by all. Here is a new piece I made for it: Colorado Spring. When I was there in March, there was an odd but wonderful mix of flowers and snowflakes. Magically, at a thrift shop in an old Miner town in the mountains, we found this old lace... flowers and snowflakes! Oh to be back in the mountains. Over the holiday weekend, I loaned some new vintage floral hair accessories out to my sweet friends Feather and Belle. They had fun playing around in them and using Laura's engagement party decorations as props! See one of their videos below.

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Kirsten said...

Love this!! (and I love I was there one of the nights you were making that beautiful piece of art)