and... Take One!

Today I had the honour and pleasure of working on a Say Ooh commercial with my friend Peter and my new friend Lance. We set up at Justin's downtown loft with minimal props (as Justin is amazing at creating environments and having interesting things all around. Sidenote, he creates and builds the look in Urban, as well as designer pop up shops around the world), and a ton of lighting and film equipment. It was a lot of excitement in a little bit of space, on a gloomy Nashville afternoon. Never you mind, the spirits of models Kris and Lauren were high, and they fit into the roles I threw at them quite effortlessly.

I can't wait to see everything edited together, and share with you. For now, here's a little collage from our day's work. Please click on it to see much better!

Oh, and Justin made us muffins before heading to work at 5am. ...what a guy.
Today I googled "vintage tap dance costumes".

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