Be Mine

Listen up gents, it doesn't matter how insignificant or dumb you think Valentine's day is. Chances are, even if she won't admit it, your lady is into it. And expects a token of your love. Flowers and candy are sweet and all, but this year why not show her that you know fashion?

These comfy, flirty leotards (on AA) are just the thing. A variety of sizes and colours, available via email or visit Local Honey. If you're looking for the perfect négligée instead, let me know in the next few days and I can swing a custom order.

Oh and ladies, if you need the perfect Vday hair accessory, come to Local Honey or Feedback. Baskets of Valentiney accessories for under $10. As in, most are $5. Soooo cheap!

Today, I googled "how to peel an orange in one piece"


Love Simone said...

Lovely! I can't wait to see the little V-day goodies you brought to Feedback :)

Milo Beloved said...

I love the bow shoulder embelishment. These are precious. I wouldn't mind losing a couple and wearing one to a Nashville dance party with you.

Colleen said...

I wouldn't mind you joining me at a dance party... leotard or none.