Bonne Saint Valentin

Oh Goodness. Tomorrow is officially Valentine's day! People who hate Valentine's Day (which I do completely understand) blame it on commercialism and pin it as the invention of Hallmark. But you know what? Hallmark was founded in 1910, and Pope Gelasius determined February 14 a holiday after Valentine(s?) in 496. So... it's REAL! VALENTINE'S DAY IS REAL! It is so much more than cards and candy and flowers and another silly date for your beau to forget and drop the ball. It's about LOOOOOOOOOOVE! /an excuse to get giddy over what to wear and go on a date or two. And I am not one to pass up that type of opportunity. A favourite of Vday is a cheesey, off-the-wall vintage valentine. Of course it's fun to make your own (mostly when you are in grade school)... but it's such a treat to find some adorable old timey ones, especially if they're signed and dated. Here's a lovely one I got last year from this lil lady. Followed by some others I found online.

Today I googled "Vintage Valentine's Poems". I'm a girl. I love love.

When first I saw thee, dearest one, Chief among the young and fair,
Little did I think that then, Cupid's self was lurking there,
Knew not till I felt the dart, Thou hads't borne away my heart!

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