Evangelina Marie Peripatei

I finally met her, just before she turned the ripe old age of 6 weeks! It is sad that my very first niece is growing up in DC, so very far away, I feel that each time I see her she will be so much bigger... so much older than the last time. But I suspect that each time I see her she will also somehow be even more lovely, even smarter, even more charming.

She has the deepest blue eyes and not enough hair to pin down what that will look like! Here, she models the little drooling bib I made her, which she is welcome to drool and spit up all over. Baby and Mommy had a little fashion shoot in the cute princess-sailor-collar onesie I found her (back when she was pea sized in the womb). I can't wait to make more baby goodies.

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Q's Daydream said...

Awww, Colleen she's beautiful!