Sailor & Baby

This weekend I am finally making it to DC to visit/ meet my neice, Evangelina! I could not be more thrilled. Last night I set out to sew some cute things for baby girl. After stitching Valentine's all day at work, I wasn't feeling as creative as I maybe should have, so I based this cute lil bunny off of a pattern I found in a book. I know. I could be more original. But sometimes I am just tired! Which really showed, as this bunny turned out WAY tinier than I had expected. Which is a pain in the butt when you are using heavy fabrics. The cream canvas was found by a friend at an abandoned textile factory (or something??) and the striped fabric was picked up at Textile ages ago. Anyways, if you know me, you know how reserved I am when it comes to speaking. I have a honeytongue. But... when I sew.. and things get messy.. I curse like a sailor. I am not kidding. It is the only time I swear. It's awful! Even tho I sew alone, I need to break this habit. So I'm adding a new word to my vocabulary. "HORSEFEATHERS!" It doesn't sound as harsh as some of the words I use when I sew.

Well, bunny turned out so tiny I may not give it to baby. But I made something else for her last night too!

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