I finished my birdhouse for the auction! Things did not go entirely as planned, but I'm still happy with it. I whitewashed the house with two coats and drilled holes in the roof. I papier mache├ęd the antlers from a recently delivered phone book (who uses those anymore? Only me... which is why I received 5 of them) and used a strong adhesive to secure them in the holes. Two coats of classic gold leafing later.. and.. ta da!

We had to name our birdhouses in our short bio. Obviously I named it Deerhouse. It matches my home decor perfectly so it's a bit of a shame I must give it up. ...to the highest bidder! I cannot wait for the event. Obviously I have my outfit for the black tie affair all picked out.


Evangelina Marie Peripatei

I finally met her, just before she turned the ripe old age of 6 weeks! It is sad that my very first niece is growing up in DC, so very far away, I feel that each time I see her she will be so much bigger... so much older than the last time. But I suspect that each time I see her she will also somehow be even more lovely, even smarter, even more charming.

She has the deepest blue eyes and not enough hair to pin down what that will look like! Here, she models the little drooling bib I made her, which she is welcome to drool and spit up all over. Baby and Mommy had a little fashion shoot in the cute princess-sailor-collar onesie I found her (back when she was pea sized in the womb). I can't wait to make more baby goodies.


Sailor & Baby

This weekend I am finally making it to DC to visit/ meet my neice, Evangelina! I could not be more thrilled. Last night I set out to sew some cute things for baby girl. After stitching Valentine's all day at work, I wasn't feeling as creative as I maybe should have, so I based this cute lil bunny off of a pattern I found in a book. I know. I could be more original. But sometimes I am just tired! Which really showed, as this bunny turned out WAY tinier than I had expected. Which is a pain in the butt when you are using heavy fabrics. The cream canvas was found by a friend at an abandoned textile factory (or something??) and the striped fabric was picked up at Textile ages ago. Anyways, if you know me, you know how reserved I am when it comes to speaking. I have a honeytongue. But... when I sew.. and things get messy.. I curse like a sailor. I am not kidding. It is the only time I swear. It's awful! Even tho I sew alone, I need to break this habit. So I'm adding a new word to my vocabulary. "HORSEFEATHERS!" It doesn't sound as harsh as some of the words I use when I sew.

Well, bunny turned out so tiny I may not give it to baby. But I made something else for her last night too!